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Transformer Filtration Systems offers a wide range of solutions for insulation oil and transformer oil treatment. We have Vokes Transformer & Insulation Oil filter unit range suitable for an effective fluid treatment.

If you have a Stream-Line oil treatment plant, regardless of its age, Transformer Filtration Systems will be able to quote and supply a new unit from the efficient high performance SPX Vokes Stream-Line oil treatment plant range.

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Insulating Fluid Treatment

Insulating Fluid is vitally important for the safe and efficient operation of many types of electrical equipment. In addition to its insulating properties, the fluid is used as a coolant in transformers and as a means of arc suppression in circuit breakers. In each case the operation of the electrical equipment depends on the purity of the insulating fluid, which in services can be contaminated by particles, water, gases and chemical products.

Should electrical equipment be continuously operated with contaminated fluid, it's efficiency will be impaired, resulting eventually in the risk of total failure. Typically insulating fluid is contaminated in the following ways:

    * Particles including fibres, rust and colloidal carbon.
    * Free and dissolved water.
    * Gases produced by fluid ageing, equipment failure and arc suppression in switchgear.
    * Chemical products caused by oxidation, as well as cross contamination by other products.

Although individually each contaminant reduces the insulating characteristics of the fluid by around 20%, the combination of fibres from insulating material and water can reduce its performance by up to 90%.

Insulating fluid treatment maintains the integrity of the fluid and hence the efficient utilisation of the electrical equipment. We have a range of Transformer and Insulation Oil filter units to address these issues

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Vokes Streamline SL Range
The Vokes Streamline SL range relies on a high efficiency (99.9% at 1µm absolute) 'edge type' filter pack, which can be easily backflushed clean using compressed air. Utilising a high performance vacuum pump, typically the SL range will, in a single pass, reduce water contamination from 50ppm to 5ppm and dissolved gases from 10% to 0.25% by volume. The Vokes Stream-Line SL range offers a high efficiency, low maintenance, comprehensive solution for treating insulating fluid.

SL05     500     Fixed
SL05     500     Mobile
SL10     1000     Fixed
SL10     1000     Mobile
SL20     2000     Fixed
SL20     2000     Mobile
SL40     4000     Fixed
SL40     4000     Mobile
Vokes Streamline
Vokes Streamline C Range
The Vokes Streamline C Range utilises a high efficiency (98.7%@1µm) disposable Vokes Microfine filter cartridge, which has been specially developed for use with insulating fluids. The C Range of plants are up to 30% more energy efficient than there SL equivalents, and still returns performance synonymous with the Stream-Line name - water contamination reduction from 50ppm to 5ppm, dissolved gases from 10% to 0.25% by volume all in a single pass. The Vokes Stream-Line C Range offers a compact, high efficiency, low maintenance, comprehensive solution for treating insulating fluid.

C2000     2000     Fixed
C2000     2000     Mobile
C4000     4000     Fixed
C4000     4000     Mobile
C6000     6000     Fixed
C6000     6000     Mobile
insulation oil filter

Vokes Streamline De-Acid Modules

In use, insulating oil will with time turn acidic and if not corrected result in the precipitation of sludge leading to, insulation breakdown brought about by restriction of the cooling effect and corrosion of the metal surfaces above the oil level caused by condensed acidic vapours. Users of electrical equipment utilising insulating oil, should monitor this and other contaminants. Once acidity is detected as having reached a maximum acceptable level, normally between 0.1and 0.5mgKOH/gr, the insulating oil must be either discarded or regenerated. Vokes Stream-Line Fullers Earth Modules have been developed to be utilised in conjunction with Vokes
Streamline SL and C Range plants enabling operators to regenerate their own oil.

transformer oil filter unit


transformer oil filter unit
Fullers earth modules for removing acid Vokes C6000
 Vokes Streamline  
 Vokes C4000   Vokes Custom made Mobile C4000
Vokes C6000